PROBE Barbershop

Enter your chapter in the 2012 Website of the Year contest.

Our assessment of each entry will look at the following criteria:

There are potentially over 800 Chapter web sites - and the best ones will be concise and to the point and produce results that speak for themselves.

The best websites will have a balance of:

Web Site of the YearA public chapter site should introduce information and educate its audience quickly. Any site has an extremely limited time (20 seconds or less) to capture the visitor’s attention on the page subject. Always use the site as a stepping stone to get guests to the chapter, bums in the seats or places for your chapter or quartet to sing. Once the visitor to the site contacts you, that is the conversion you are looking for. From there, personal attention takes over and your chapter members can all get involved in continuing the process that was started by the web site. From there, that personal contact that started as 10 seconds on a web site can now last for the rest of his life. In many cases, the chapter site will also support these activities after they have started. That will allow for a members-only section which is a support function to the chapter operations. For each chapter function (treasurer, marketing. Membership, music…) there should be input to the web site. As well, these functions should expect results from the web site. (Sales, promotions, guests, singers using resources to get off paper)

So, if your chapter has a web site, please enter it into the Chapter Web Site Contest. Even if you have a new site just starting, an evaluation will help you improve no matter where you stand in the contest.

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