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Vol. 38, No. 2 Summer 2001


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President's report

Looking forward
Several changes made; PROBE moves onward

By Grady Kerr, PRESIDENT

I'm very pleased with the meetings in Nashville and would like to tell all who attended the meeting how much we appreciated your participation. I think all who attended enjoyed themselves and I know many were impressed with the work being done and support us in our progress and new direction.

As I reported to those in Nashville, your board of directors has been agonizing over our current dilemma. As is the case with this organization, it has had its ups and downs. Right now we're on the upswing and we plan to continue that trend. I believe we have the plans to do just that.

Currently, PROBE is high in resources but low in exposure. We have lots of experienced folks, but we're low on members. We have high goals but we're low in finances. Here's the solution to these dilemmas.

A Great BOD

There's been a great deal of activity among our board of directors and committee chairmen over the past year and you can be VERY proud of the men you have in the leadership positions. The ideas and changes we presented to the Nashville group had been discussed and examined the BOD and, I'm proud to say, done very professionally and with the best interest of the organization in mind. If you could have seen behind the scenes you would be very impressed with the work done by these guys. I know I am. Their dedication has been an inspiration to me. Despite the issues, they've been productive and a pleasure to work with. I'm happy to report we are all still good friends.

Kicking and Screaming

Welcome to the new millennium. The use of computers, the Internet and e-mail has changed the world and barbershopping. If any group should be on the leading edge of this technology explosion it should be PROBE. Currently, the majority of our members have e-mail and we're going to use this to our advantage. While we still want to serve those not into computers, but we will not be held back in our quest to keep up with the rest of the world. This includes helping our members develop Web pages, online publications and communicate via e-mail networks.

The Cost of Freedom

For many years we've had a free ride thanks to the folks at our International headquarters. They handled the membership database and the bank account. Unfortunately, this ride was not free. Over the past few years we lost touch with the membership and our finances. Our membership is way down and to the surprise of the PROBE leadership, we almost ran out of money. Unfortunately, we had to cancel two issues of the PROBEmoter simply due to the fact that we didn't have the money.

The Spirit of PROBE

I've been around long enough to recall a PROBE that had SPIRIT. By that I mean there was PRIDE in being a member of the organization. It also stood for something important. I want to recapture that spirit. We used to use the slogan, "The Most Influential Fraternity in the Society." Once we had over 1,500 members in PROBE.

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