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Sam Tweedy named IBC chairman

By Grady Kerr, PRESIDENT

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of the new International Bulletin Contest chairman.

Please join me in welcoming Sam Tweedy of Austin, Texas. Sam is well known around the Society as the talented baritone of the Quasars (1975 SWD Quartet Champions) and several other fine quartets. Currently he is starting his second year as president of the exciting Heart Of Texas (HOT) Chapter who has just earned the right to be the very first wildcard entry from the SWD to the International Chorus Contest. The Heart of Texas will be singing in Kansas City along with the Vocal Majority this summer.

Sam Tweedy has also served his chapters as an editor and won the IBC in 1971 for his Austin ReChorder.

Sam's address:

14607 Sandy Side Drive
Austin, Texas 78728
(512) 990-9325

Thanks, Sam. Filling the shoes of Dick Girvin will be a challenge but I know you can handle it.

Sam writes:
By the way, this is not my second term as president of HOT. I was president the first three years, have not been president the past three years and am about to enter my fourth term as president. I thought there was supposed to be a law against that. This will actually be my ninth term as a chapter president (1966 in Greater Canaveral - succeeded by Mr. Tim Hanrahan - and four - 1972, 73, 79 and 91 - in Austin). For whatever it's worth, I was one of the founders of the Heart Of Texas Chorus and have been heavily involved in both our weekly chapter bulletin and our newsletter, HOT Off The Presses, since day one. Yes, we had a chapter bulletin at our very first rehearsal. For years I've asked that old question, "which came first - a good chapter bulletin, or a good chapter?" I still don't know the answer, but I think it might be "yes."

Years ago, I judged both District and International bulletin contests, before they got picky about judges being qualified to judge. I also sang in an "old-(guy)s" quartet called Starlight Knights that got a third place medal in the International Seniors Quartet Contest in 1995. As you think of things about PROBE and the IBC and the people involved that might be helpful to share with me, please pass them along. I feel very much like an outsider right now and anything you can do to help me get up to speed would be appreciated.

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red ballSix hints for pleasing guests
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