Public Relations Officer of The Year (PROTY)

If you are actively promoting your chapter, no matter what your title is, please prepare and submit an entry in PROBE's PROTY. Note that the effort is evaluated independent of whether it was successful. PROBE membership is required for review and awards. Winners shall not again be eligible to participate at the international level for two years.

Bulletin editors can readily submit samples of their work that can be quantified and judged according to specific criteria. PR men must not only originate a submission, but provide supporting documentation with comments and/or explanation. As a rule men doing PR are not shrinking violets, and will have files and records of all recent events, so compiling the year's activities is at least an excellent review exercise. PR ideas and projects reported through PROTY entry will provide input to a central entity, and the evaluation and comments by experts will undoubtedly give better insight and knowledge to all participants.


  1. One-time marketing or public relations activity for a special project.
  2. Year-long marketing or public relations activity


  1. Note which option you are entering
  2. Biographical information for the person entering.
  3. Chronological outline of the activities for the option entered.


  1. Make a separate page for each activity shown on the Cover Sheet, with brief commentary about the planning, execution, documentation and follow- up.
  2. Include copies of pertinent documents (news releases, newspaper clippings, correspondence, printed programs, thank-you letters. etc.)


April 15 of the year following the year the promotion took place regardless of when the event occurred.

Additional information is available from:

Eric Herr
9 Lincoln Lane
Marlton, NJ 08053-1957
(856) 988-7721