PROBE Barbershop

2009 International Hardcopy Bulletin Contest






First Place

Owen Herndon Tumble-Words Owen Herndon Colby, KS RMD

Second Place

Thomas Wheatley The Dundalk Charivari Tom Wheatley Dundalk, MD M-AD

Third Place

Jerry Troxel The Beat Jerry Troxel Greater Indianapolis, Ind. CAR

Fourth Place

The Orange Spiel John Alexander Jacksonville, Fla. SUN

Fifth Place

CHORD-INATOR Hardin Olson Minneapolis, Minn. LOL

Sixth Place

Pat Moauro The Clipper Pat Moauro London, ONT ONT

Seventh Place

David Haase Note Dispenser David Haase Davenport, IA CSD

Eighth Place

Robert Nicodern Pitch Robert Nicodern Chicagoland W.Suburban ILL

Ninth Place

Smoke Signals John Cowlishaw Pontiac/Waterford, Mich. PIO


1. *** Robert Nicodern – Pitch is the winner of the Dick Girvin Most Improved Bulletin Award.
2. There were no entries from DIX, EVG, FWD, JAD, NED, SLD, and SWD.
3. Judges: Content: 1) Lowell Shank 2) Milt Weisman
                       L&R: 1) Waldo Redekop 2) John Elving
                        G&S 1) Fred Hinesley 2) John Shuron
4. IBC Chairman: Lowell Shank
5. Preparation of Participation Certificates and Plaques for the winners: Bruce Anderson