2001 International Bulletin Contest Placement

1 Barbershop Clippin'sDick Cote Fullerton, CAFWD
2The Ambassadors' Notes Waldo Redekop GuelphONT
3Mountain Talk Steve Jackson Denver MountainAiresRMD
4Harmony Gazette Rich Nelson, Michelle Arnette Northbrook ILL
5The Chorister Elbert Ford Traverse City PIO
6Suburban By-Lines John Conrad St. Louis SuburbanCSD
7The Chordsmen Chronicle Bob Miller MansfieldJAD
8The Tag Rag Jerry Lunkes SarasotaSUN
9Tags & Gags Bruce Martin Cincinatti, Delta KingsJAD
10ReCHORDER Dick DeLorm LincolnCSD
11Rogue Rhapsody Alan Burt MedfordEVG
*12*The Arlingtuner Martha Kastens Arlington HeightsILL
13 Harmo-Notes Jac Slight Englewood SUN
14Harmony News Dick Westlund East AuroraSLD
15Chips Roger Arend Hanover NED
16Inside The Pride Brad McAlexander Greater IndianapolisCAR
17Toosday Toons Charles Bell NassauMAD
18Topper Topics Alan Wilhite Mount BakerEVG
19Magic City Music Gazette Mike Van Cleave, David Hoelscher MuncieCAR
20The South Bay Coastliner
Hey Hey Herald
Mike Martin Redondo BeachFWD
21Concho Capers Ralph Jernigan San AngeloSWD
22DiamondSTATEment George Tribble Little RockSWD
23The Pitchpipe Bob Rancilio Grosse PointPIO
24The UndertoneJerry Walter Burlington NED
25Chord-inator Vince Formosa MinneapolisLOL
26Spirit Notes Fred Burne St. Marys SLD
27Harmony Holler Tom Hare East YorkONT
28The Harmogram Jack McKendree, Burt Stueve AlexandriaMAD

** Indicates winner of The Dick Girvin Most Improved Bulletin Award

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