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Bulletin Editors

The information listed in this section is to assist bulletin editors in putting together the best bulletins you can provide your membership. The tools, information, and guidance listed are a treasure trove of ideas to help you along the way.

Aids for Bulletin Editors
Stories, Jokes, Quotes, Clipart, Etc.
Grammar & Style Guidance - Things you Should Know
written by Craig Rigg, PROBE Grammar & Style Specialist
Bulletin Editor Assistance
A very highly qualified committee of mentors offers encouraging advice, one-on-one,
for the long term, to improve the quality of your bulletin.

Other Sources for Bulletin Material
i.e. Scores from Harmonet, Etc.
List of Online Bulletins
Look at the work done by your counterparts across the country.
District Online Bulletin Editors
Your list of district counterparts to discuss your issues with.

Aids for Bulletin Editors

Need help getting started?
New bulletin editors and webmasters may want to take advantage of PROBE's mentoring programs. Check out the Direct Assistance page or use the resources below.

This section is intended as a resource area for editors looking for that last little article needed to fill out an issue. Click on the category below to go to a menu of articles.