Avoid using typographical symbols within the text of yourarticles.

% -- Use only in typing a table or chart; in all other instances, write out as the word percent.

& -- Use in a company's name, in tabular work, or in commonly used Society abbreviations.

G&S         A&R         L&R         C&J         Little, Brown & Co.

# -- Use only in tabular work; in all other instances, write out the word number. This symbol is sometimes used to indicate pounds, which should also be written as a word.

w/ w/o -- Never use these forms of written shorthand; always write out the words with or without.

!!! -- These superfluous marks are known as "screamers"; never use them.

Xmas -- Never use this shortened form; always write out the word "Christmas."

Other symbols that are often used in technical or scientific writing should not be used unless the editor feels confident that most of his readership would understand their meaning.

Some editors may feel that using symbolic shorthand is acceptable in local publications. While each editor should focus on serving his local chapter, all of our Society publications can and sometimes do come under review by others outside our chapters and organization. Therefore, we should all aim for clarity. Keeping to the basic elements of grammar and usage will ensure that readers are not distracted by symbolic elements. One only needs to scan a daily newspaper or the major news magazines to see that the symbols and shortcuts listed above are rarely used. If editors are unsure about such usage, then the best guide is to model the grammar, usage, and style of The Harmonizer.


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