Bold face

(see also Italics)

Editors may choose to print names of quartets, choruses, chapters, districts, and individuals in bold face. However, as with all forms of punctuation, excessive use produces copy that is harder to read. While names may be more readily apparent, the flow of the text is interrupted. If an editor does not have access to equipment to produce bold face, he may use other special punctuation to designate names (italics or underscoring). However, the editor must be consistent in this use throughout the bulletin.

It is not recommended that an editor change a type font to highlight names or words unless the name has been specially designed with this typographical feature in mind. For example, the Acoustix quartet has a distinctive way of producing the "A" and the "X" in the name; however, the printed appearance is more for marketing and public relations purposes. Even if the editor could duplicate the typography through scanning, no real purpose would be served by using the variant type face in text. Trademark infringement might also be involved.


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