Part 1

Why A Chapter Bulletin?

For several reasons, but primarily for the benefit of the chapter members. Benefit that accrues when the editor knows and pursues his purposes. They are:

  1. INFORM of coming events. List their nature, place and time, and supply the small but important details needed for chapter members to participate effectively in them.
  2. RECORD recent barbershop events. Your Members’ interest in barbershop does not end with “Keep America Singing,” each week. They will always find interest in accounts of conventions, contests, HEPs, COTS, Harmony Colleges; things that occur outside the chapter venue.
  3. REFLECT views of chapter officers and members on chapter activities. (Strengths, weaknesses, future plans, projects, etc.) A vital function. A basic responsibility of chapter officials is to inform members of their work. A well informed membership is a participating, cooperating membership.
  4. RECOGNIZE efforts and accomplishments of members and others. And not just those which occur in the chapter environment. News of noteworthy deeds in other phases of barbershop, in professions, in careers are interesting to fellow members, and enhance fellowship and understanding.
  5. EDUCATE about chapter, district and Society history, aims and goals; about various aspects of singing craft; about events and actions that shape the future of barbershopping. Things each member should know. A smart barbershopper is an active and participating one simply because he knows what’s going on in his hobby.
  6. PROMOTE barbershopping in general, together with chapter, division, district and Society events and programs. Each entity needs enthusiastic participation in its activities to survive and prosper. Promotion at the chapter level is where it begins.
  7. RECRUIT Encourage members to bring guests; support member drives; publicize guests and new members. A crucial function to head off waning membership; to maintain the chapter’s vigor.
  8. ENCOURAGE pride and participation in our hobby and Society. The “Preservation” we all value so highly cannot survive for long without pride and participation among the rank and file.

Another good reason for chapter bulletins is the benefits they provide for non-members of the chapter; wives and families. With information gleaned from the bulletin, they can plan and prepare for upcoming events, keep abreast of the chapter’s programs and personalities, and relish seeing their man’s name in print from time to time.

Hence, it is important to ensure a bulletin reaches each member’s home. Absent members, members with poor memories, members who misunderstand instructions—all have their problems solved with a current, accurate bulletin somewhere around the house.

Still another reason: Some bulletins are distributed to selected barbershoppers outside the local chapter, to district and Society officials, other bulletin editors, etc. The bulletin is the window through which these interested outsiders view and judge the health and welfare of the chapter.

A final reason: Some chapters have active historians; some do not. With each successive issue he publishes, the bulletin editor in fact writes another page of chapter history. If he consistently provides names, dates and thorough descriptions of chapter activities, he is the chapter’s de facto historian. Research through the past issues he saves will provide a comprehensive picture of the chapter’s history.


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