Direct Assistance for Bulletin Editors

Friendly mentoring for editors available

A very highly qualified committee of mentors offers encouraging advice, one-on-one, for the long term, to improve the quality of your bulletin. If you would like encouragement, issue after issue, please contact Committee Chairman:

Milt Weisman
690 Briery Hills Dr
Meherrin, VA 23954

Phone: 434-223-7901

Manuals and Guides

Bulletin Editor's Manual (1993) - HTML version
[Could use another update, but still much good information.]

Bulletin Editor's Manual (1993) - PDF version
[David Wagner has now captured this document in PDF format for those who prefer it this way.]

PROBE Style Manual (revised)- HTML version
[HTML format - this version has been online for a while.]

PROBE Style Manual - PDF version
[Thanks to David Wagner, we now have the Style Manual available in PDF format.]

The Society's Style Guide for Writers
[This is a link to the Style guide in PDF format on the Society's pages at Useful information, particularly for the new editor.]


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