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PROBE Hall of Honor

PROBE's Hall of Honor exists to recognize members who have made unique contributions to the organization.

Hall of Honor Inductees

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You Can Help PROBE Honor Top Volunteers

Top directors and medalist quartet members justifiably receive high praise. But there are many other members who work behind the scenes in non-singing tasks to support our Society and the musical accomplishments. They are the marketing, public relations and bulletin volunteers who help communicate our message and our music, both within the Society and to other music lovers.

PROBE wants to recognize the top practitioners among them. And you can help -- by nominating them for the prestigeous PROBE Hall of Honor award.

PROBE's top award is its Hall of Honor, established in 1989.

Nominations are open for persons who will be considered for recognition at each summer's international convention.

A nominee, living or deceased, must have been a PROBE member for at least 10 years, and must have made contributions to PROBE and its purposes beyond the normal duties of performing PROBE-related functions for a chapter or district.

Any current PROBE member may make a nomination. If you're not a member, join now or pass your nomination on through a member. The nomination must be in writing, specifically describing the nominee's services and contributions. Include supporting evidence if available. You also may include letters of support from other persons who know the nominee.

Your nomination need not be extremely sophisticated or professionally prepared. The selection is not based on the presentation, but on the nominee's merits. Further, this is not a competition, but a recognition.

The deadline is April 30 of each year.

Send your nominations at any time of the year before the deadline to the award committee chairman:

Steve Jackson, President
215 Cheyenne Street Lot 18
Golden, CO 80403
(720) 389-8739

And feel free to write him if you have any questions.

Inductees by year

1989       Deak Martin Dee Paris Wilbur Sparks
1990 Dick Stuart Staff Taylor Charlie Wilcox
1991 Wade Dexter Ray Heller Stan "Stasch" Sperl
1992 Leo Fobart Bob Hockenbrough Bob McDermott
1993 Jerry Coltharp Dick Girvin John Morris
1994 Ray Barrett William Moreland
1995 Lloyd Davis Jim Fulks Jerry Roland
1996 Herb Bayles Paul Izdepski Roger Morris
1997 Mel Edwards Waldo Redekop
1998 Harry Gault Lowell Shank
1999 Buddy Myers Craig Rigg Dick Teeters
2000 Jim Styer
2001 Steve Jackson
2002 Grady Kerr John Petterson
2003 Wm. Grant Carson
2004 Dr. Arnold Wade
2005 Bruce Anderson
2006 Terry Jordan John Sugg
2007 Art Lane

Alphabetical List of Inductees

Bruce Anderson
Ray Barrett
Herb Bayles
Wm. Grant Carson
Jerry Coltharp
Lloyd Davis
Wade Dexter
Mel Edwards
Leo Fobart
Jim Fulks
Harry Gault
Dick Girvin
Ray Heller
Bob Hockenbrough
Paul Izdepski
Steve Jackson
Terry Jordan
Grady Kerr
Art Lane
Deak Martin
Bob McDermott
William Moreland
John Morris
Roger Morris
Buddy Myers
Dee Paris
John Petterson
Waldo Redekop
Craig Rigg
Jerry Roland
Lowell Shank
Wilbur Sparks
Stan "Stasch" Sperl
Dick Stuart
Jim Styer
John Sugg
Staff Taylor
Dick Teeters
Arnold Wade
Charlie Wilcox