PROBE Barbershop

PROBE 2001 Outstanding Achievement Awards

What are achievement awards? These are not part of the PROBE competitions, but are a reincarnation of the former International PR awards. As with the 2000 awards, they are recognition of special efforts which go "beyond the call" to be of service to barbershoppers, or which promote barbershop singing in a good light to large numbers of people. They range from behind the scenes work by individuals to national television appearances by several groups. How many of the following do YOU recognize?
Fran Seibert of Defiance, Ohio for 50 years of chapter public relations and bulletin editor service. The editor of the weekly chapter bulletin, BULLETONE since October 1959 producing over 1,700 issues and still going strong.
Ken Kespohl of the Fremont, Nebraska chapter for organizing the Nebraska Super Chorus which performed in August of 2000 for the state fair with over 340 men.
Great American Chorus,
Gas House Gang, Fremont
Nebraska Pathfinder Chorus
and Dr. Greg Lyne
for their trip to Russia promoting barbershop and performing in St. Petersburg in August of 2000.
Phil Ricks of the Rexburg, Idaho chapter for organizing a 700 singer week-long youth festival.
The Hawkeye Four (Blake Hammond, Jack Doyle, John Sloman, Micael-Leon Wooley) who appeared in the revival of The Music Man and performed as THE quartet on Broadway once again.
Doug Ellis, Don Pyper, Fred
Beattie, Peter Firth, Bev
Petch and Dave Aitken
for using effective PR (not to mention barbershop harmony) to net 20 times the usual donations for Ontario food banks.
Robben & Steve Morin for creating "The International Competition Encyclopedia for the Barbershop Junkie." This outstanding book included photos and stats of every competitor in the International contests for the last four years (Atlanta 1998 through Nashville 2001).
Dick Campbell of Battle Creek, Michigan and his "Keep America Singing," weekly radio show promoting barbershop music for the past 25 years on WBCK and recently on WRCC and the Internet.
Scott Hoge of Kenosha for developing the internet Web-Cast of the 2000 International Convention in Kansas City, the first of its kind, heard live on the world-wide web.
The Checkered Flag Four (Dick Davies, Maurice Radford, Greg Emelski, Bob Kelchner) of the Elmira, New York Chapter for singing the National Anthem for over 4 million race fans over the last 14 years at various races including NASCAR, Winston Cup, Busch, Grand National, Indy Racing League, ASA and DIRT Series.
Reed Sampson for his outstanding work with the Pasadena Rose Bowl Committee, and
Clark Jellison chairman of the float committee that featured The All-American Barbershop Quartet float seen by millions on New Year's Day 2001.
Jessika Diamond for her support and successful efforts in promoting barbershop to the Collegiate A Cappella East Coast Summit, and
Millennium for their appearance in the summit and "littering the floor with other groups' jaws."
Jerry & Kim Orloff of San Jose, CA for organizing the Alaska Millennium Barbershop Cruise with over 600 barbershoppers, families and friends taking part in May of 2000.
Freestyle (Travis Maslin, Rich Brunner, Andy Wallace, Bruce Morgan) FWD Quartet Champions for representing the Society as the 2000-2001 National Champions of Harmony Sweepstakes.
Tim Hanrahan, Roger Lewis,
Robb Ollett, John Miller,
Todd Anderson, Jim Bagby,
Bob Morrissey
for creating and promoting the first SING! event with top a cappella groups performing for a special gathering of Society members as well as other enthusiasts of close harmony.